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Founding Story

Kourosh Soroushian

Kourosh Soroushian, Founder and Chief Engineer started as a passion project for Kourosh Soroushian, the founder and software developer behind the service. The idea for this service came from Kourosh’s personal experience while working as a principal engineer on a live transcoding project, where he struggled to find a cost-effective and stable solution suitable for monitoring a small number of live HLS streams. Most monitoring services typically target only large customer bases with hundreds of streams and do not offer adequate logging information to help solve real networking issues. As a result, Kourosh set out to create a solution to tackle these shortcomings.

Kourosh is a software architect and engineer with over 20 years of experience in video compression and cloud media delivery. He has experience in embedded software architecture and design, video CODEC design and development, cloud transcoding, and intellectual property development. He was most recently serving as a faculty of the University of California, San Diego Extension program on digital video compression.

Kourosh has over seventy issued US patents in the areas of adaptive streaming, content multiplexing, video compression, and adjacent technologies, with over 2000 citations on Google Scholar. His consulting company is Task One, LLC.