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1. Avoid Embarrassing Customer Calls

In a world where streaming quality directly impacts customer satisfaction, serves as a guardian against potential disruptions. By proactively monitoring and validating HLS streams, our service ensures that embarrassing customer calls due to streaming issues become a thing of the past.

Continuous HLS Monitoring: Our 24x7 monitoring capabilities are designed to preemptively identify and rectify streaming issues before they reach your customers. This vigilance is crucial in maintaining a seamless streaming experience, ensuring that quality issues are addressed swiftly and efficiently. Our software performs over 25 HLS conformance tests, making us one of the leading online HLS validation tools available to the HLS streaming community, and helping ensure playback conformance for your HLS streams across a variety of platforms.

2. Trust But Verify

Trust is the cornerstone of any digital broadcasting service. empowers you to build and maintain this trust through rigorous verification processes, ensuring that your advertisements are delivered as intended. We offer extensive logging and tracking services for ad-insertion markers and quality of service delivery of streams.

SCTE-35 Outage Alerts and Historical Reports: Ad markers are a well-known concept in the digital broadcasting industry. These markers are generally inserted at the origin and subsequently used by third-party services that offer dynamic ad insertion. The HTTP Live Streaming specification facilitates dynamic advertising insertion by applying SCTE-35 markers. Our system diligently tracks SCTE-35 markers and alerts you to any discrepancies in ad marker presence or ad segment durations. This level of scrutiny is vital for upholding the integrity of dynamic ad insertions, fostering trust between you and your advertisers. The SCTE-35 logging capabilities can help identify problems at multiple points in the content-delivery ecosystem.

Historical Logs: Access to detailed historical logs equips you with the data necessary for thorough verification. This transparency is key in maintaining and strengthening trust in your streaming services. Logs can be requested as a post-processed summary of event data or as the raw individual events recorded by the analyzer. Historical logs will be available for 90 days.

3. Affordable HLS Monitoring for All offers 24x7 online monitoring and validation of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streams with unparalleled quality and flexibility. Our monitoring solution is used for both small and large-scale applications, at an affordable price and with no long-term commitments.

We offer free HLS validation for everyone on our website. You may purchase a subscription to enable additional services such as continuous 24x7 stream and SCTE-35 monitoring, receiving outage alerts, and accessing segment delivery logs.