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Live HLS Monitoring Demo

This is a demonstration of the 24x7 HLS Monitoring service offered by using a small number of publicly available playlists that are monitored 24x7 for outages and playlist errors. In addition to error analysis, generates e-mail alerts and maintains detailed logs in the event of stream and SCTE-35 outages. Most of our API functions are configurable via an HTML-based interface. Select any of the sample streams below for details on their components, outage reports, and playback-buffer charts. Segment-based downloading is disabled in this demo but enabled by default for our paid subscription plans.

API Alert Configuration:

Disabled (demo mode)

HLS links may be specified together with a corresponding LinkID to make their identification easier. When LinkIDs are not specified, the system will automatically generate one for each HLS link.

Export a .csv file containing all active streams, LinkIDs, stream alert enablement, and SCTE-35 alert enablement for each stream.
Upload a .csv file with each line specifying an HLS link, and the following optional fields: LinkID, SCTE-35 outage alert enablement (0/1), and stream delivery alert enablement (0/1).

CAUTION! These functions will apply to ALL streams!

Custom Date Range
Limited to 7 days per request
Custom Epoc Unix Timestamp
Up to 24 Hours

Master Playlist Count:
Media Playlist Count:
Non-live Media Playlist Count:
All Playlists Live