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HLS Monitoring Prices

HLSAnalyzer provides continuous (24x7) cloud monitoring of HLS playlists and segments, together with email and HTTP callback alarm services. We have a monthly subscription plan as well as prepaid quarterly and yearly options. Yearly prepaid subscriptions receive an additional discount. Monitoring instances are available in the following regions: the USA, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. You can specify the monitoring region during the payment process.

Our subscription prices for playlist monitoring are as follows:

Media Playlist Count Monthly Monitoring Price Yearly Subscription Discount
1 to 10 $3.99 (per stream) 20%
11 to 50 $2.99 (per additional stream) 20%
51 to 200 $1.99 (per additional stream) 25%
201 to 600 $0.99 (per additional stream) 25%
Enter your media playlist count to calculate your subscription costs and continue with a purchase:
Media Playlist Count Monthly Subscription Price Yearly Subscription Price
$0.00 $0.00
Maximum support playlist count is 600 per server instance. Please contact us for support of larger playlist counts.

The minimum monthly configuration per subscription is $19.95 for monitoring 5 variant streams.
Our monitoring services include:

  • Continuous monitoring of HLS Media playlists and segments for VOD and Live streams
  • Email and HTTP callback alerts for stream outages and low delivery bandwidths
  • Over 15 types of error and warning checks
  • Detailed logs available for up to 14 days
  • Flexible and proven API for ease of integration

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. For a free trial of the monitoring service before your purchase, please contact us.