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Basic HLS Validation


Validate HLS streams for a limited number of times per month and a short duration. Only available in US region.

  • HLS Analyzer Access
  • 20 Validation Tests/Month
  • 10 Minutes Per Validation Test
  • Single Geography
HLS Validation for Developers

$12.49 /month

Validate HLS streams for 3 hours per session with unlimited monthly usage. Only available in US region.

  • HLS Analyzer Access
  • Unlimited Validation Tests/Month
  • 3 Hours Per Validation Test
  • Single Geography

Feature Comparison by Plan Starter Professional Business
HLS Validation
Basic Analyzer Access
Single Geographical Availability
25 Types of HLS Validation Checks
HLS Validation Time Limit Per Stream 10 Minutes 3 Hours Unlimited
Analyzer Usage Count Per Month 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Segment Bitrate Limit 12 Mbps 12 Mbps 50 Mbps
Master Playlists Per Analysis

1 1 Up to 600
HLS Monitoring
24x7 Stream Monitoring
Multiple Geographical Availability USA, Europe
Stream Outage Alerts
SCTE-35 Outage Alerts
REST API Integration
Historical Logs For Up To 90 days
SCTE-35 Marker Summary Report
Browser-based Monitoring UI

HLS Analyzer Service Offerings provides both HLS Validation and HLS Monitoring services at affordable price points. The 24x7 cloud-based HLS Monitoring service is available in multiple geographies. Individual monitoring instances download and analyze all HLS playlists and segments, providing outage notices for stream delivery issues and SCTE-35 stoppages via email and HTTP POSTs. Our affordable HLS monitoring prices make us an ideal choice for both small and large operators. With both a browser-based UI and RESTful APIs, both system operators and developers can fully utilize our service. Monitoring customers can select the geographical region (USA, Europe) when ordering their service.

We calculate the price for the continuous HLS Monitoring service on a per-stream media playlist count:

Media Playlist Count Monthly Monitoring Price Yearly
3-Year Discount
1 to 10 $4.99 (per stream) 20% 30%
11 to 50 $3.99 (per additional stream) 20% 30%
51 to 200 $2.99 (per additional stream) 20% 30%
201 to 600 $1.99 (per additional stream) 20% 30%

The minimum monthly configuration per subscription is $24.95 for monitoring five HLS media playlists. You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you are interested in our cloud monitoring service, please review the Terms of Service, and purchase your subscription. You may also contact us with your question regarding the purchase process, or if you are interested to purchase a 3-year subscription license.